We often get asked how we came to the decision to pack up our life , and travel for an extended period (with small children) in an RV. Here is our original post, over a year ago, when we made this decision.

Roaming days

Blank Canvas-2 A blank canvas is a simple, well-worn analogy. But with a little twist, we have found it to be quite powerful and it has become the premise for our trip and adventure that we’ll embark upon by the end of 2013. But to be honest, the adventure has already begun!

Blank canvas is not about starting a new life. Instead it’s a change of mindset. It’s about a new way of looking at each day. It encourages us to live life through practical learning, emotional experiences, and soul-searching adventure. It’s finding beauty in everyday life, and capturing that picture.

What an exciting time ahead for our family. Wow, in less than 12 months we will walk away from a life that we’ve grown very comfortable in … careers, a home, stability, and routine. We will land on the shores of Canada for an adventure, blended with family time and a road…

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2 Responses to “Blank Canvas”

    • Roaming Days

      Thanks Camielle. I think that many people find excuses not to do something. For us, we’d spoken about moving back to Canada for years, and to be honest, I just got tired of talking about it and decided to make it happen! And after a very busy year in 2013, I am so grateful to be in this position to spend so much time with my kids 🙂



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