The name Roaming Days took weeks to come up with. On pages of possibilities, Roaming Days was the last to appear.

I felt an immediate sense of excitement as the ink curled and left it’s mark on the blank page. It didn’t label what we were about to do, but lent itself to be an inspiration. With an air of nomadic freedom, a sense of endlessness, and underlying adventure and experience, Roaming Days was born.

It was who we were…

After we packed up our life in Australia and moved to Canada, we then spent 8 months in Motorhome, getting back to simpler lives and nature. More time less stuff. As we wandered the ins and outs of North America, we spent quality time with our young children, and together we grew.

It was who we became…

When by following our intuition, opening our minds to new experiences, and taking away many life lessons from our trip, we started to truly understand what Roaming Days was all about.

It was never about a single adventure. It was a way of life, or at least a philosophy on how to approach life.

Somehow in all of this, 2 years on, we now call home a beautiful and peaceful rural property, full of adventure and reasons to be grateful.

We are our own normal, and we’re someone else’s strange.

But we are firm believers that you can learn something from everyone. We hope that you choose to hang out with us for a little or a while @ Roaming days.

PS. if you’re reading older blogs, I will leave this snippet from my original ‘About”…

‘It’s just our little family, going on a big adventure. Introducing the family from tallest to shortest, oldest to youngest, smartest to … no that last one doesn’t work – we have myself, Ben, my wife Marlea, our daughter “Dora”, and her faithful companion, and our son, “Boots”. Of course that’s not our kids real names. But this is one of my daughter’s favourite characters, and a show all about adventure, so it seemed to fit.’