What do we miss staring into our mobile devices each day? What do we miss by having a head full of ‘to dos’? What do we miss by not seeking ‘real’ human connection in our day-to-day lives (even with strangers)?

We miss this…

It was just another mid-week morning.

These people had one thing on their mind… ‘Morning coffee’.

Almost on autopilot, they’d steered their cars into the drive-thru and given their order into a little faceless box. Now they waited. Their cars’ hummed and crept forward at any opportunity.

As they waited to drive up to a little window to pay, some drivers chatted to the passenger, and others starred blankly ahead. In a moment, they would collect their cup of motivation and survival for the morning.

But one thing was different this morning…

Inside the coffee shop was my family. We were sitting in a corner booth, which just happened to be right next to the drive-thru. As each car pulled up next to us, my wife encouraged the kids to wave. My kids liked the idea and started waving at each car.

It became evident that many people don’t react well to change in their morning routine. It was astounding to me, how many people could blatantly ignore two gorgeous little kids (under 5), waving and smiling at them from the window.

My kids don’t give up on anything that easily. They were committed to their plight and were not discouraged even for a second by the lack of response.

It was their sheer joy of the experience that sent positive energy out to each and every one of these strangers. Their energy grew car after car. Sure enough, people started waving back. We even got a few smiles.

It was uplifting to watch strangers find that unexpected moment of joy in their morning routine.

And then it happened…

In the next car was a woman we didn’t know. As she looked in at the kids waving and smiling gleefully, she burst into tears.

We don’t know her story. We don’t know whether there was pain behind those tears. But there was certainly joy. She managed a smile. It was a moment that broke all of us.

Having an impact on others from behind a window in a coffee shop was truly magical.

Tis’ the season to make others happy!

Happy living,

Roaming Days