Timing is everything. It applies to many things in life, and incredibly so to photography. To capture an expression, a movement, or a once in a lifetime moment, is sometimes luck, sometimes patience, and often the ability of one’s eye to see these things happening around them.

As we parked our Motorhome alongside the water in Revelstoke, we spent a wonderful 5 nights taking in the serenity of our surroundings. Only once during that five days did the water take on a stillness that allowed a beautiful reflection. I was lucky that we were there. I’d been patient, waiting for this shot – and nobody’s eye could miss this one! 🙂


3 Responses to “Reflections of Revelstoke”

    • Roaming Days

      Thank you so much! Enjoy your trip across the USA. We did it in the opposite direction earlier in the year, and I’m sure you’ll love every second. How amazing was Yellowstone National Park 🙂

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      • izoomerizoomer

        Thank you too! Yellowstone and Grand Teton were amazing. We would love to go back there in winter or early spring to do some backcountry trips. Must be great:)

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