One night as we lay beside the beach in our Motorhome, my daughter says to me, “Daddy, there’s a big storm outside.”

I replied with, “You’re right, it does sound like loud crashing thunder. It’s actually the sound of the ocean. Do you know what I hear?”

“What, Daddy?”

“I hear the soft and calming sound of the waves lapping on the shore.”

She reconsidered by listening to the new sounds, and she did not reply. Moments later she was asleep. There’s something very beautiful about going to sleep and waking up next to the ocean.

We found this particular spot in Saint John, New Brunswick. We stopped on the edge of Irving Nature Park for dinner, and ended up enjoying two nights of free beachside accommodation!

We were fortunate enough to meet some lovely locals, who drove us through the park as our Motorhome would not have handled some to the tight corners and low hanging tree branches.

The kids loved playing on the beach, and I also got to play ‘take photos at sunset’… everyone was happy 😉

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