I’m not a farmer. I did not grow up around a farm. I’ve never worked a day on a farm. I call all large machinery tractors. There are very few crops I could identify. I do not have the right clothes. Need I go on?

All that being said, I genuinely find farming so interesting. It’s so much more than the hours of hard labour. It’s the strategic minds of farmers to continue to survive in some of the most difficult business conditions. There are many external factors, such as weather, pests and fluctuating crop prices, that are outside of a farmers control and could influence how successful a year’s crop may be. I wouldn’t be surprised if stock broker training is included in agricultural degrees.

Then there’s living on a farm. The stories are different, the days are different, it’s freeing and adventurous. In the city, we take our kids to the park. In farm life, you walk down the side of a dirt road with a magnifying glass, looking for a piece of wood to set alight. One night, at about 2am in the morning, I awoke to blood curdling screams and the victory cry of a pack of coyotes.

Any hoot, there’s a 99.9% chance I’ll never be a farmer. So I am very thankful to the Cooney family for letting us stay on their property for a few days.

We loved our visit to The Apple Store, and also visiting family to see a fully off-grid home.

And of course, I had the opportunity to do what I love most… take photos.

One Response to “The Apple Store”

  1. bronxboy55

    Great shots, Ben. I like the ground-level perspective in many of your photographs. And I hope that cat steers clear of those coyotes.

    I also agree with you about the obstacles all farmers have to contend with: weather, insects, prices. My wife and I mention that every time we go out to our tiny, struggling vegetable garden in the backyard



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