The Chateau Lake Louise is one of those places that you can just keep on going back to, like Niagara Falls, and it’s just as impressive every single time.

This was my first visit in the summer, and whilst I personally prefer the winter backdrop, the opportunity to share this experience with my wife and kids, and paddle on the lake in a red canoe was a lifetime memory.This ‘family year’ on the road is creating so many of these memories!

So I feel it’s worth mentioning how much I owe to my parents, and my auntie and uncle, for loving travel the way that I do. I was so fortunate to have them take me on a couple of overseas trips and open my eyes to the world. The first time I visited Chateau Lake Louise was for Christmas in 1997. It was my family’s first white Christmas, and we took a sleigh ride around the lake. I could not believe that such a majestic place could exist.

To be back in Lake Louise almost felt like being at home.

2 Responses to “The majestic Chateau Lake Louise”

  1. bronxboy55

    There are places in the world that seem as though they can’t be real, even while you’re standing there looking at them. I’ve never been to Lake Louise, but it appears to be one of those places. Thank you for the beautiful photographs.


  2. Roaming Days

    Thank you, and you’re spot on. As we approached many of the mountain ranges in BC, they didn’t look real. They could have been a back drop in a photographers (extremely large) studio. Lake Louise is dramatically beautifully in the winter, but the summer postcard holds its own!



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