La Push has been made famous through the Twilight series as home of Jacob Black. I felt at home too, as a more permanent shape shift into a werewolf looking creature has transpired since my last haircut.

The beach itself was like no other I’d been to, and it was the perfect way to complete the first leg of our trip, coast to coast across the USA.

Hugging the Pacific Ocean coastline in Washington State, there was a hint of seclusiveness and isolation as we entered La Push through the Quileute Tribe Indian Reservation. Once at the beach, the mix of rocks, fallen trees, jagged cliffs, and green forest added to the wonderment and mystic.

Although the movie wasn’t actually filmed there, nor had the author, Stephanie Meyer, been to La Push (or Forks for that matter) prior to deciding to use them as her setting, it was a genius stroke of luck. It was the perfect setting.