Many years ago, my wife and I saw a couple of bear cubs playing in their natural habitat on the fringe of the Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia. So as we entered Yellowstone National Park and bear country, we were excited for the potential of seeing more.

Four days later we exited the park without a bear sighting, but we did see an abundance of bison (buffalo) and elk. One evening we saw a herd of bison and their calves crossing a river, which was amazing to witness.

We also saw a pair of swans at Swan Lake. The park ranger told me it had been 10 years since they had last seen a swan on the lake.

At the West Thumb visitor centre, there was a ‘stuffed’ bird collection. It included one of the most amazing looking birds we’ve ever seen, which was the elusive Great Gray Owl. A couple of days later, we were so fortunate to see 2 Great Gray Owls and their owlets.

Click on any of the images below to view the my collection of wildlife photos from Yellowstone National Park.

Enjoy the weekend!