Recently, I shared a collection of landscape photos taken at Yellowstone National Park.

For the 2nd instalment of the Yellowstone National Park collection I’ve focused on the geysers in the park, which were all so remarkably different.

Firstly, geysers are everywhere and anywhere! They’re in built up tourist areas, parking lots, on the side of the highway, or tucked into the side of a mountain. When you least expected it, there’s a geyser steaming, and sometimes bubbling, away.

The rocks surrounding the geysers differ in the type of rocks, foundations and colour. And depending on the temperature and types of organisms growing in each geyser, the water colour ranged from blues to deep yellows and oranges, or even a clear colour like you’d find in a rock pool by the beach.

Sometimes you could feel the warmth created by the geysers, as well as the beautiful uplifting colours and surroundings. Other times you were almost overcome by the strong sulphur smell, and the coldness of the terrain and imposing skies. Either way, I’ve never seen or experienced anything like these before, and it was fascinating!

Now I’m no geologist, so if you want to understand more about geysers, best visit Yellowstone Geysers.

Happy living campers 🙂

3 Responses to “Yellowstone National Park: The geyser collection”

  1. elisa ruland

    These incredibly beautiful photographs of the Yellowstone geysers. Pure motivation for me to get out there and visit one day soon!


    • Roaming Days

      Thanks Elisa. No matter what your interests are, you will find them in Yellowstone National Park. There’s beautiful scenery, hiking, wildlife, relaxing, etc. Can’t wait to see your photo’s once you get there 🙂



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