The thing that I’ve always enjoyed most about travelling is ‘the surprise’. Either coming across something by complete chance, or leaving in awe of a place unexpectedly.

Last week, on our road trip across America, we stopped in Jefferson City (Missouri). After a picnic lunch in the park, and conscious of the storm system rolling in towards the city, we took an hour to visit the Missouri State Capitol.

It was a spectacular from the outside. The size, the dominance in the city skyline, the stone carvings… wow! But what we didn’t expect was what we saw on the inside. Even our two young kids walked around in sheer wonderment. We can see why Jefferson City was named as America’s ‘most beautiful small town’ in 2013.

Jefferson City 1

Jefferson City 2

Jefferson City 3

Jefferson City 4

Jefferson City 5

Jefferson City 6

Jefferson City 7

Jefferson City 8

Jefferson City 9

Jefferson City 10

3 Responses to “Travel surprises”

    • Rhonda Forbes

      The pictures and shapes remind me of the provincial building in Regina (I believe) (rife with mason imagery) and even though the Masons kept themselves and their doings somewhat secret, they had images that were repeated….and, as even the US money has Mason images, just wondered….



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