Almost a year ago, on a Sunday afternoon by the sandy shores of South Cronulla Beach (Australia), we spent a lovely afternoon with my parents in a park overlooking the beach. I loved this afternoon because it was so relaxing and fun, and the kids soaked up the time with their Nan and Pop! Topped off with some fresh fish and chips, and a frozen yogurt from my friends awesome Frogurt Bar, the afternoon was perfect.

On a warm September afternoon last year, the kids played in our backyard. This was their place of freedom. They could run and play, often with little clothing, and be anything they wanted to be. On this particular afternoon, we dumped an esky/cooler of ice on the back lawn and it kept the kids entertained for hours… or at least until the ice melted.

In my first time participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge, I’ve taken a less literal meaning of ‘reflections’. I’ve included photos from the above mentioned days in my life. Where my kids, in all the fun and excitement of the park, and the craziness of the ice, took a moment to reflect on the moment. They took in what was around them and what was intriguing them. There’s something very beautiful in watching a child grow and learn.

South Cronulla

South Cronulla 2


Backyard 2

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