Ever just stared out into the ocean? I do it at any opportunity, and have done so since I was a boy. The vastness, tranquility, peacefulness and then the contrasting power and ocean roar draws me in. I like to find a quiet secluded spot, no other humans, just the sound of the ocean and my thoughts.

When I started taking photos a few years ago, the first thing I was drawn to was the beach. Late one afternoon at Umina (Central Coast – North of Sydney), I’d scaled around, through and across large rocks to find myself staring out into the ocean. Beneath me, the encroaching swell of the ocean pounded against the rocks. It was as if the entire ocean was trying to break through a barricade. At the last minute, a wave would form and crash perfectly onto the rocks below, sending a spray of sea water towards me.

As I sat patiently, with my camera positioned steadily in my hand, I felt alive. It was the moment I realised my passion for photography.


I can never seem to find enough hours in a day to do as much photography as I would like. When I only have a little bit of time, I challenge myself to take photos a minute or two from wherever I’m staying. Whether it’s a minute or two walk, ride or drive from my house, from a camp site, or any other place I’m staying.

Late last year we had a beautiful run of foggy nights in Sydney, and I took these photos within a one minute walk from my house.



In my new home in south western Ontario, I was fortunate enough to find this scene about a 30 second drive from my house and have returned on a couple of occasions.





While staying with my wife’s Grandma last week in Owen Sound, I took all of these within a minute or two walk from her apartment.



…And sometimes why waste a minute – just check the view from the balcony! This shot was taken near Darling Harbour, Sydney.


The point is, if photography is your passion and makes you happy, you can always take a minute or two!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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