I find the winter scenery to be quite spectacular. Ordinary things are transformed into beauty with a simple touch of snow or ice. The mood can differ between the dramatic grey skies or the contrasting warmth of the sun and blue skies against the snow.

My first little project venturing not too far from home with bad roads and freezing weather was Trees in winter, and these photos will also form part of my Facebook album ‘The view from here

Inglis Falls on the other hand, is a popular tourist spot in Owen Sound, about 2.5hrs north west of Toronto. From the various vantage points, the falls and their surroundings are picturesque. When I visited Inglis Falls last week, they had completely frozen over with the recent cold temperatures and it was definitely worth the trip. Click on a photo below to view the slideshow.

Once the snow melts a bit, I will try and get back with some snow shoes to capture the falls from other angles, and I definitely hope I can make it back to Inglis Falls throughout the seasons!

For the history of Inglis Falls, activities or other attractions in the area, click on ‘Visit Grey‘.

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