“The weather outside is frightful…” and Canada has welcomed us with -10 degrees Celsius temperatures and it feels like we’re buried in snow.

It begs the question why anyone lives in this near inhabitable land. You need layers upon layers of clothes to even think about opening the front door. Going outside is more or less done on a ‘needs to’ basis. Sometimes it’s quicker to walk to your destination than shovel snow from your driveway, brush the snow off your car and scrape the ice of the windscreen/windsheild. Either way you’re going to freeze your butt off.

All that being said, there is something very appealing and beautiful about it all. Perhaps the novelty will wear off in a couple of days or weeks, as someone said to me, “Stay south, winter is only fun for ’bout half hour.” On the flip side, I was also told that if you “learn to play in it, winter isn’t long enough.” We’ll see!! Right now we’re just enjoying it.









This is the first time that our kids have seen snow. The pictures above show Dora and Boot’s first experience of snow. Below are some other pictures including Dora’s first snow angel. She’s told us that next she would like to make a snow duck, a snow dog, and a snow elephant. I’ll keep you posted on how we go with those!!!



You can see more pictures at Roaming Days.

One Response to “A ‘warm’ welcome”

  1. Rhonda Forbes

    You really are having a winter to remember. It is wonderful to have someone put into words the joy and excitement we all still feel at the first snowfall. And yes, it becomes old soon enough, yet everyone marvels at the beauty that a fresh snowfall or ice storm creates. Don’t know if you will be here for another winter, but guaranteed it won’t be like this. Also, built two forts (walls) so you can have a real snowball fight!!!! Enjoy!



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